Western Australia Beaches
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The most famous of the Western Australia beaches is Cable Beach in Broome. But it certainly isn't the only Western Australian beach worth mentioning.

I wouldn't even say Cable Beach is the best or the most beautiful beach in the area.

Just north of Broome you find some of the world's best beaches, and in the photos below you see the the very best Kimberley beaches of all.

(If you fancy a fantastic beach paradise getaway in northern WA check out what special deals and prices for accommodation as well as flights and car rental are currently available for the Broome area.)

The world doesn't know about our beaches. Yet.

If you want to experience the beaches at Cape Leveque the way they are shown in the pictures below you better hurry. Tourism in the Kimberley is constantly increasing, roads are being upgraded, word is spreading about the Western Australia beaches. It won't be long before we have to start sharing these beaches with more and more people.

But for the next couple of years you should still be able to see them just as they are shown below: pristine, endless, and all yours...

Western Australia Beaches 1 and 2

Arrival At Cape Leveque
Western Australia Beaches
The Best Western Australian Beach

Now that's a beach! What you see above is the first impression we got when we arrived at Cape Leveque and moved into our beach shelter. The photos weren't taken from some lookout or photo point. They show the view from the shelter where we stayed.

By the way, beach shelters are not the only accommodation option here. You can take your pick from anything between camping, units, cabins, right up to luxury safari style "tents" in the hillside...

There's a reason why this resort is continuously voted the number one WA beach resort in the Broome area. Just read the reviews here. (You'll also find the best prices and deals.)

Western Australia Beaches 3

Beach Shelter
Beach Shelter

This is the shelter. And as you can see: it takes all but three steps to get down to the beach... (at least at high tide as in this picture)

Western Australia Beaches 4

Swim Beach
Swimming at Cape Leveque Beach

One of the best things about Cape Leveque is that there are no crocodiles, no stingers, nothing to spoil the fun. You can swim here all day, any day of the year, and that's very unusual at northern West Australia beaches.

(Most of the beaches in the Kimberley are great for fishing, but swimming is a big no-no.)

And may I also point out that I'm the only person to be seen? Where else in the world could you have this kind of beach to yourself?

Western Australia Beaches 5 and 6

The Western Beaches at Cape Leveque

We thought it can't possibly get any better than this. But Cape Leveque is, of course, a cape. The tip of a peninsula (the Dampier Peninsula). And that means it has another side as well, the western beaches:

Western Beaches
Western Beaches again

The beaches on the western side are obviously the place to watch the sunset. Everybody comes here for sunset. See how crowded it is?

Western Australia Beaches 7

Rocks glowing at sunset.

Sorry, no photo of the sun melting into the ocean. Those kinds of pictures have never interested me because they could have been taken anywhere, and somehow they all look the same to me. But this...

The red rocks against the turquoise ocean are already stunning during the day. That's what makes the whole Kimberley coast so spectacular. But in the evening sun they seem to really glow. This picture has in no way been touched up like you might think.

Western Australia Beaches 8

...And Sunrise

After spending the sunset at the western beach we returned to our shelter and cooked a scrumptious dinner, Kimberley style over the camp fire. A glass of red, the sound of the waves, of course we slept blissfully.

Now I'm not a morning person. I hate getting up early. But the next morning I jumped up at the break of dawn. And ran for my camera again...

Sunrise at the best of all Western Australia Beaches

I herewith officially delare the beaches at Cape Leveque to be my favourite Western Australian beaches. (For now anyway...)

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