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You can find Kimberley Pictures all through this website (together with lots of information about travel in the Kimberley in Australia), but the photos are small.

So I went through all my pictures and selected the best Kimberley photos to make this gallery.

The Kimberley pictures are grouped by location or theme. Choose any of the links below or follow the link at the bottom of each page to view the whole Kimberly photo gallery.

Kimberley Photo Gallery

Kimberley Pictures 1 and 2

Kimberley Country: Red Rocks and Palm Trees
Kimberley Pictures
Typical Kimberley Country: Red Rocks and Palm Trees

Pictures like these are typical of the East Kimberley. Weathered red sandstone formations, Livistona palms, Pandanus palms, gum trees, figs, acacias, grevilleas and an assortment of shrubs and grasses...

Kimberley Pictures 3

On The Road, Broome To Cape Leveque, West Coast
Kimberley West Coast

The Kimberley west coast looks slightly different. It's still red, but the emphasis is on sand rather than sandstone. The vegetation is lower, more open, the country is dryer. Instead of gorges and waterfalls you will find beaches and the ocean...

Kimberley Pictures 4

On The Road, Kununurra To Lake Argyle, East Kimberley
East Kimberley

Ayers Rock in the Kimberley? No, this is not a monolith but a glimpse of the tail end of the Carr Boyd Ranges between Kununurra and Lake Argyle.

The drive from Kununurra to the lake is magnificent, especially in the afternoon. The road leads right through and over the ranges. Hills, curves and red, red rocks... I should stop more often to take pictures... (You can find a few more on the Lake Argyle pictures page.)

Kimberley Pictures 5 and 6

On The Road, Kununurra to Wyndham, East Kimberley
The old highway to Wyndham
Boabs along a track in the Kimberley

Different colours, different vegetation. The old, unsealed highway between Kununurra and Wyndham, called Parry Creek Road, follows the Ord River. The soils along the river are different, and so is the vegetation. This is particularly obvious in the first photo.

The second picture was taken on a side track of the main road, further away from the water. You see a difference in the colour of the road. Parry Creek road is sheeted with light coloured gravel, whereas this track is in its natural state.

Kimberley Pictures 7 and 8

Marlgu Billabong
Evening at Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve
Sunset over Marlgu Billabong

Evening at Marlgu Billabong in Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve, a Ramsar protected wetland and home to 220 bird species.

Kimberley Pictures 9

The Wet Season
Wet season in the Kimberly

This picture was taken in front of my house and shows a typical wet season sky with low hanging clouds. It would have been drizzling on and off for much of the day, and the temperatures would have been just perfect. (The average wet season day is stinking hot...)

Maybe a photographer can explain it, I can't, but during the wet season the colours are particularly intense, everything seems to glow...

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