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Photos of the famous multi-tiered Mitchell Falls can be found on any Kimberley travel site.

They all look pretty much the same, because they were all taken from the same look out point, next to the helicpoter landing pad.

This page is about the waterfalls and rock pools the helicopter tourists missed out on seeing.

You do need to dedicate a few days to this trip if you want to see a bit.

The Mitchell Plateau is well off the beaten tourist path and not easy to get to. And then there is the actual hike to the Mitchell Falls. Ideally you'd have a full day to make the most of that...

Of course, if you don't have the time you can take the scenic flight. You'll miss most of what I show on this page, but at least you will be able to see the Mitchell Falls for real. And even that is worth it:

Mitchell Falls Pictures 1

The Mitchell Falls
The Mitchell Falls

This is the most photographed view of the falls. It's not that easy to get pictures of the Mitchell Falls from any other angle. The terrain around the falls is very rough and it is near impossible to get close enough to the edge of the cliffs to get a good view.

I actually do have at least 30 other photos, from above, below, further to the right and so on. But of course they aren't as good as this one. Or why would they have put the official lookout there?

However, if you do make it to the falls I recommend you do some exploring. Photos are one thing, but actually being there is another. There are quite a few spots where you can get a lot closer to the falls than we are with this picture, and the closer you get the more you appreciate the sheer size of the falls. That's something that none of the official photos convey very well.

And I don't know of any that show you all the other things you will miss if you only visit the lookout...

Mitchell Falls Pictures 2 + 3

Walking To The Mitchell Falls
The walk to the Mitchell Falls

Let's start at the beginning. This is a photo that is very typical of the country that you will see if you take the hike from the campground to the falls: sweeping views of the Mitchell Plateau, steep cliffs, narrow gorges, streams and waterfalls... (By the way, disregard my footwear. This is a very serious hike.)

The waterfall I'm looking at here is called Little Mertens Falls. The name is deceiving, it's not little at all...

Little Mertens Falls

Mitchell Falls Pictures 4 + 5

Little Mertens Falls

Little Mertens Falls is a magical place. It's easy to spend a couple of hours here (and possible, since it's not far from the campground). You can swim above the falls or sit in the natural spas...

Swimming above Little Mertens Falls

...or you climb down to the cave below the falls.

The cave underneath Little Mertens Falls

Mitchell Falls Pictures 6

Cooling Off
Now that's a swimming pool...

Little Mertens Falls is only one of many places where you can stop for a swim on the way. I particularly liked this rock pool, even though the water was freezing (which goes to show that it must have been a very hot day. I'm a whimp when it comes to cold water...)

Mitchell Falls Pictures 7 + 8

Big Mertens Falls
Big Mertens Falls Another shot of Big Mertens Falls

Here is another waterfall you will pass on your way: Big Mertens Falls. Once we had reached Big Mertens we realised why Little Mertens was considered little... It's an aweinspiring landscape, isn't it? The whole walk is like that. It leaves you breathless, and not just because it's somewhat demanding...

It's not long after crossing the top of Big Mertens Falls that you finally see the Mitchell Falls from above. But it will still take a fair while to make your way from there to the very bottom:

Mitchell Falls Pictures 9

Lunch Break At The Bottom Of The Mitchell Falls
The Bottom Tier Of The Mitchell Falls

Go here to read more about the Mitchell Plateau and the Mitchell Falls.

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