Favourite places to watch the world go by

by Charles

The Lennard River Crossing Snack Bar

The Lennard River Crossing Snack Bar

Diamonds & Pearls, Derby
Among the shops, just round the corner from the campsite. Perfect for breakfast or daytime relaxing; closes at 4 – just made it for an afternoon cuppa on our return trip.

Lennard River Crossing snack bar
This place has character! Don't miss it. On the return visit, we saw a croc through his telescope, met a couple of Dutch guys who had just bicycled the Gibb River Road, then a small party of Belgians.

Imintji Store
The staff were so friendly and helpful, even sold us a spatula out of their own kitchen. They were deliberately charging 10 cents a litre less than Mt Barnett for diesel. Folk were ringing up to book homemade apple pies on their return journey. We spent a very pleasant couple of hours there watching the comings and goings.

Drysdale Station bar
Plenty of goings-on to watch and books and photos to browse too. Refreshing beer. Hamburgers finish early (1.30pm).

Kalumburu Mission store & takeaway
Quality ice cream or chips when you've slowed down so much you can really enjoy watching nothing happening. We spent a lot of happy times here doing nothing. Opens 7am, closed for two hours for lunch: we were still sitting there one day when they reopened, talking with some friends we'd met.

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