The Western Australia Kimberley Region

A Travel Guide To Australia's Last True Wilderness

This Kimberley Travel Guide takes you through one of the remotest, wildest and most beautiful regions on earth.

For me the Kimberleys in Western Australia were love at first sight and a good enough reason to move here permanently.

That's right, this travel guide is written and maintained by a resident of the region, not by some tourism business.

That's why it covers a lot more than the usual tourist attractions.

My website and guide books give you an inside look at the Kimberly. It's like a trip with a local.

The website contains practical advice for people planning a trip, detailed descriptions of popular drives, of national parks and hikes. It tells you about all the gorges and waterfalls and beaches, including and especially the ones that you won't find mentioned elsewhere...

So come on a drive...

I will take you to waterfalls and beach hideaways, rock pools and fishing spots, all the secret places that we don't usually tell the tourists about!

You can read about the weather and the seasons, the flora and the wildlife, the culture and the geology...

...about must-havesmust-dos, and must-notsall you need to know to enjoy this adventure of a lifetime.

The natural beauty of this region will take your breath away. It is hard to put into words, which is why you will also find many pictures on this site.

Treat yourself to this fantastic video documentary of a drive through the whole region and along the Gibb River Road!

Thinking about taking your dog? I've got you covered!

Now, this website has several hundred pages and in the beginning it can be a bit overwhelming. That's why I have also created a FREE Kimberley Travel Guidebook to get you started. It tells you everything you need to know to plan a trip across the Kimberley. You can get access to it by subscribing to my updates (for free of course) through the box below.

It's my thank you for your interest in my site and in the beautiful part of the world that I live in.

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The advice and the stories you find on this site are for real. It's a Travel Guide written and maintained by someone who lives here. I arrived in the Kimberley in 1994 as an overseas traveller myself, fell hopelessly in love with the region, and stayed...

...and I would love to show you why!

Welcome to "my backyard" and enjoy your stay!
I hope you will love it here as much as I do.

Kimberley Australia Travel GuideYour Kimberley Australia Travel Guide

About Me

How I ended up in the Kimberley (and made a website about the Kimberley).

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The two printable Kimberley Guide e-books make research and planning a breeze.

Kimberley Western Australia - The Facts
Sure, the Kimberley in Western Australia is remote. How remote? Here are all the facts and numbers...

Maps Of Western Australia 
A guide to all the maps of Western Australia available on this site. Many are free, some are printable, and some...

The Gibb River Road
Over the last years the Gibb River Road has become very popular with Kimberley travellers, and as a result it has changed a lot.
Trip Reports | Archived Gibb River Road Trip Reports | Gibb River Road Reader Questions

The Mitchell Falls and Mitchell Plateau
It's not just the Mitchell Falls that make the Mitchell Plateau special, there is so much to discover and do here. This is one of my favourite areas.

Mornington Wilderness Camp
The focus at  Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary is on conservation work and not on tourism, and that makes for a very special vibe. Another favourite place of mine!

The Bungle Bungles/Purnululu National Park
This Bungle Bungles guide makes sure you get the most out of your visit to Purnululu National Park.
Trip Reports and Reader Questions | Archived Bungles Trip Reports | Archived Bungles Questions

Cape Leveque - Kooljaman Resort
Cape Leveque near Broome is both: affordable wilderness camp and luxury resort. And it has the best beaches in Australia. Just make sure you pick the right time...

Broome, West Australia - Attractions and Accommodation
Does Broome in Western Australia live up to the promises of the travel industry? The opinions on Broome are divided.
(Broome Accommodation)

Kununurra, Australia - Tourism and Tours
In the local Aboriginal language Kununurra means Meeting Of The Big Waters. An appropriate name indeed, as water is the most noticeable feature of this region.
(Kununurra Accommodation)

Kimberley Towns
Apart from Broome and Kununurra there are Wyndham, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek.

Kimberley National Parks, Western Australia National Parks
Travel information and pictures of all Kimberley national parks: I chose my top three, which are your favourites?

Kimberley Tours

Share Your Experiences
I and all future readers would love to see your Kimberley trip reports, your photos and videos, hear about your adventures and your opinions.
(Reader Questions | Reader Itineraries | Questions Archive)

Kimberley and Gibb River Road Video Documentary
An outstanding free series of nine videos, documenting a 4WD trip across the Kimberley, including the Dampier Peninsula and the Gibb River Road.

Kimberley Pictures - Kimberley Photos Gallery

The photos are grouped by location or theme, and come with explanations and links to more information about the area.
(The Kimberleys On Video)

Barramundi Fishing - How To Catch A Barramundi
Don't worry if you don't know all that much about Barramundi fishing. I'll tell you where to find the Barra, and how to hook them, right here.

About Our Crocodiles

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Travelling to the Kimberley?

The FREE Kimberley Pocket Guide
A great introduction to travel in the Kimberley region and along the Gibb. This free resource will answer all the questions you might have in the early stages of planning a trip.

Destination Kimberley
The full Kimberley travel guide shows you how to make the most of your adventure at Australia's last frontier. Destination Kimberley includes the most detailed and most current guide to the Gibb River Road available anywhere. Also called "The Bible" by its readers.

Travelling to the Northern Territory?

Destination Top End offers the same comprehensive, detailed insider information for the tropical regions of the Northern Territory. Be the best informed traveller in the Kakadu, Litchfield and Katherine Gorge national parks and beyond!

A must have if you travel to or from Darwin.

NEW! Destination Red Centre is the latest addition in this popular series. Monica Coleman takes you through Australia's red Outback heart, offering all the detail and insider tips that you have come to know and love about our guides. With special emphasis on Aboriginal communities and culture.

A must have if you travel to or from Alice Springs/Uluru.

Are you travelling from or to Darwin? Then you should also have a look at my other Australian travel site, a guide to the rest of the Australian Outback, to find out more about places like Kakadu, Litchfield, Katherine Gorge and more.
(No, Ayers Rock is not on the way to Darwin.)

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