Whether you are a dedicated bush camper or prefer to travel in style...

Destination Kimberley is the only Kimberley Guide you'll ever need!

Destination Kimberley tells you how to get there, and back, safely!

Destination Kimberley: The Only Kimberley Guide You Need

Yes, even if you never sat in a 4WD before.

If a place can be reached in an average four wheel drive vehicle, with an average inexperienced driver, then it's covered in this guide!

And you'll be amazed at just how much you can cover, even without any experience...

"Your guide gave me plenty of confidence that my partner and I could do a trip on our own along the Gibb River Road."
--Damian Mills, Brisbane

Finally you can!

You can explore the Kimberley just like a local and you most certainly CAN drive the Gibb River Road.

NEW: Now includes free 62 page bonus booklet with self-drive itineraries.

Destination Kimberley tells you where to go, where to stay, what to see and do and how to make the most of the trip.

If you are planning a trip to the Kimberley, this e-book guide has all the information you'll ever need. (What's an e-book?)

100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

"Hi Birgit,
I just wanted to say a massive thanks for your amazingly accurate, realistic and general bible of a guidebook for the Kimberleys that I downloaded from your website. It really helped make our holiday. We had the most fantastic time and couldn't believe what a beautiful part of the world we were in.

Your directions, recommendations and descriptions of the less visited gorges and sights were really valuable and we often had the places to ourselves. It was all in all a magical trip and one that will stay with us for a long time!"
--David Hill, London, UK

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Dear Kimberley adventurer,

Putting together a trip into a remote wilderness region can be a challenging experience, especially if you are unable to get reliable advice...

"My daughter and I plan to hire a 4WD from Broome next September and drive across to Purnululu via Windjana and possibly Geikie Gorges before returning to Cape Leveque. We have no 4WD driving experience. Are we mad?! My cousin in Perth says we are... What do you think?"
--Annette, UK

"We have not driven 4WD before and were told to stay on the bitumen and do hosted tours. What will we miss and can you recommend any tours so we can see those sights?"
--reader prefers to remain anonymous

I stopped counting the emails that express similar concerns and questions, and my answer is always the same:

"You can do this!"

You can explore all of the Kimberley on your own, even if you never sat in a four wheel drive before.

And if you did, well, then you will REALLY love this guide. If you already enjoy four wheel driving and a bit of an adventure then I'm sure you also love to get away from the usual crowds and find the hidden gems that only the locals know about...

"Hi Birgit,
Just wanted to let you know I am just this hour back from our Kimberley trip – your Guide was fantastic!
We loved Tumblegoodiron and Pushups the most! All alone – what beautiful, beautiful spots! THANK YOU! The first night at Pushups my husband said, 'Well, Birgit's book has already paid for itself'!!"
--Sue Walter, Sydney

"Hi Birgit,
Well, after travelling for nine weeks along the Gibb River Road, the Tanami, Cape Leveque and following your bible to the last letter of all towns and places of interest we had a fantastic adventure.
Of an evening we would discuss the next days plans and travel based on your information. Without this I think we would have only seen a small part of the Kimberly region on what time we had. It was like having a guide on the trip.
We would laugh at your honesty about towns, for example "Halls Creek". Unfortunately we arrived late and decided to stay, knowing what you had written. And yes you were correct, what an interesting night in the caravan park...
Thank you for providing us with such an honest publication."
--Neil and Joanne O'Sullivan, Tallangatta, VIC

"Bully's camp terrific.
Pumphouse restaurant Kununurra terrific.
Canoe trip down Ord with bush camps terrific.
Mambi island boatramp camp terrific.
Nearly expired doing Piccaninny walk late August due to heat.
Mornington Sanctuary terrific.
Your book is TERRIFIC!"
--John Lauritz, Brisbane, QLD

Julia Patten recommends Destination Kimberley

"I very much enjoyed reading your book! I am absolutely enthralled by it. It is obviously written by a local with a passion for their stomping ground.
I am very satisfied. The information you provide is more than sufficient – which is why it is such an interesting read. You give enough details to educate but you never bore."
--Julia Patten, Perth, www.getjealous.com/julesandheath

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Ready to make that big Kimberley dream reality?

Then let me tell you how Destination Kimberley will help you with that.

Hi, my name is Birgit and I am originally from Germany. Although I have lived in Kununurra in the East Kimberley since 1994, I have not forgotten how I felt when I first arrived here.

I have also not forgotten how I felt when I came back from the east coast in 2002, as the proud new owner of my first 4WD.

The old Hilux

It's the car that you see in many pictures and the header of this website, the older model Toyota Hilux with the blue canopy.

I still drive it. It's not fancy and it's not particularly powerful. It has cheap tyres, no special equipment, no radio or GPS.

The driver is average at best.

I've never done any extreme 4WDing, yet I've been to all the places that you read about on the website and in the guide.

What does that tell you?

It's just not as difficult as everybody makes out.

Initially I was as insecure as you are now. I had no idea what to expect and whether I was up to it. I was totally clueless about cars, especially 4WDs. In many respects I still am, yet I would not hesitate a second to take my old Hilux to any of the places I tell you about, and I'd do so on my own. It's not a problem.

After reading this guide you will know a lot more than I did when I first headed to the Bungles or the Gibb River Road. I was fine. You will be, too.

Yes, there are important things
that you need to know.

I picked them up living here, you will pick them up from the guide. For example...

Of course, the driving in remote areas is not the only thing that makes such a trip daunting...

It's all the planning as well!

"Thank you!! Great resource. Originally I was just going to get a staionwagon and jayco, but once I discovered your guide, and started reading, we decided to spend a bit more and equip ourselves so we could really get to some special places. My wife has taken a lot of reassurance from your basic message, which I read as "take your time, don't push it, be sensible and do some planning". Thanks again for putting together such a great resource."
--Duncan McNab, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Birgit, I have your excellent 'Destination Kimberley' (I wish I'd known about it years ago ... I can now throw away all the printouts from tens of websites I have been using to research our trip!!!) I would not have known about the Duncan Road but for you. Your book is everything I could want ... brilliant! Thanks."

Are you sure you know about all the places worth visiting? Wouldn't you hate to get to the end of your trip and find out about such places then?

There are many interesting and unusual ways to see this country, and they are rarely mentioned anywhere...

And that leads to the next problem...

How do you fit it all in? Or rather, what can you fit in? And what should you fit in?

I met one of my readers when they came through Kununurra last year. First she thanked me profusely for my website. It had made them change their schedule to allocate more time to the Kimberley and less to the rest of Australia. And weren't they glad they had!

Then she looked at me with a sheepish grin and confessed it still hadn't been enough. They had run out of time and had had to cancel their trip to the Mitchell Plateau. Why? The very detailed schedule she had put together did not allow for time to set up and pack up the camp every day. And the family were first time campers...

Don't let that happen to you!

Destination Kimberley makes sure you get it right.

"Hi B! We are back from our trip, just want to thank you for the book again, it was what we ran by. Everything in the book was spot on to the km. It was also great reading as well. We all had a fantastic time can't wait to go back again to see what we didn't get to see this time due to the lack of time. We were well prepared & didn't rush like your book recommends. It also had more accurate imformation than any other book we took. THANKYOU VERY MUCH. Regards Sean, Gayna & kids."
--The McCarthy family, Serpentine, Western Australia

Detailed insider descriptions of all places and attractions allow you to discover places that most tourists won't find. Even during peak season there are places where you can get away from the big crowds. If you know where those places are.

As of 2011 you now also get a free 62 page bonus booklet with self-drive itineraries. It's included in your purchase at no extra cost.

By comparing your ideas to all the self drive itineraries (over 40!) you can make sure your schedule is realistic and doable. No stress on the road, no disappointment.

Comprehensive listings for accommodation, restaurants and tours make research so EASY.

Destination Kimberley lists all the accommodation, from five star to budget, all the restaurants, and all the local tours, cruises, flights, Aboriginal experiences, horse treks, canoe hires...

But the real difference to other travel guides is that in this e-guide you get not only the name, address, phone number and a helpful description for each accommodation and tour business, you also get a direct link to their website.

Everything is at your fingertips and research is A BREEZE.

"Yours would most definitely be the only guide an international visitor needed to plan their top end trip – and it's such a great guide to a big part of our land and our lifestyle that even if they are not going to the Kimberley they should read it anyway!"
--Julia Patten, Perth

Leyla Giray recommends Destination Kimberley

"Destination Kimberley is more than a guide - it's an inspiration!
Written in an extremely friendly and engaging style, the author drew me in and convinced me that the Kimberley was an exciting, accessible and adventuresome destination - even though I'm a solo woman traveler.
I particularly liked the detail in Destination Kimberley. Each time a question came to mind, an answer appeared. With this book in hand, I don't need to look at any other source of information - it's all there - anything I could possibly need to plan ahead for this trip!"
--Leyla Giray, Switzerland
Travel writer, journalist, editor of this Backpacking Women Travel site.

Set up to camp? How would you like listings for
all the free campsites where the locals go?

Much of the Kimberley is private land and you can't just pitch your tent or set up your camper wherever you want. But there are still more than enough fabulous free bush campsites left. Locals go camping all the time and we NEVER pay any fees. And I tell you where.

In theory you could explore the whole Kimberley and not pay for accommodation once! (In reality there are too many places that are too beautiful not to stop there for a night, even if it costs a few dollars.)

Who is this guide for?

Destination Kimberley is for anyone planning a self drive holiday in the Kimberley. It does not matter if you prefer to rough it or if you can afford to do it in style. It also doesn't matter if you are a 4WD virgin or if you have been the member of a 4WD club for years. If you want to drive around the Kimberley yourself, maybe with a short guided tour here and there, then you will find this e-book invaluable.

However, if you prefer a fully organised holiday, a hosted tour across the whole Kimberley that takes in all the big sights, or if you want someone else to make all the decisions and do all the planning, then you are better off contacting a travel agent. Destination Kimberley is for people who prefer to do most things independently and are happy to put the trip together themselves.

Why an e-guide?
How is it different from normal books?

"I just read your latest update. Another informative piece, keep them coming! I look forward to reading them just to get the "jump/low down" on other tourists who have unfortunately not bothered or come across your guide."
--Damian Mills, Brisbane

"Received the book download and have now downloaded and printed off a copy with no problems. Thank you! I am most impressed with the detail and presentation of material. Congratulations on such a fine guide!"
--Joy Poole, Ouyen, Victoria

An e-guide combines the best of two worlds. You have all the direct links for easy online research and you have the most up to date information possible. And when you are ready to roll you simply print it out and take it with you!

If you are still unsure whether this is for you or not, then have a look at
what my readers think about Destination Kimberley.

I feel their feedback explains best just why this e-guide is so popular.

Ready to order?

Destination Kimberley costs only A$32.70

That's less than the average powered campsite costs you in one night. It's a tiny fraction of what you'd have to pay a tour guide to take you to the places I tell you about.

And I am sure you agree that information about an experience that you would have otherwise missed is priceless.

I'm not sure how many headache pills you can buy for that money, but I can guarantee you that you won't need any if you have this guide!

There is a reason why this guide is now known as "The Bible"!

Here's what you get for your money:

Yes, that's a 12-month unconditional guarantee.

I can give you such a strong guarantee because Destination Kimberley is an e-book. (What's an e-book?)


Destination Kimberley: The Only Kimberley Guide You Need
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Destination Kimberley: The Only Kimberley Guide You Need
Satisfaction Guaranteed

  Only A$32.70
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  File size: 1.3Mb

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