Kununurra to Cape Leveque to Kununura 24 days

by Chris
(Kununurra, W.A.)

Can you have a browse at my itinerary. My mother is coming up from Melbourne and I want to show her the Kimberley. Trying to see most things but bush camping. Would have already done ELQ and the Argyle Dam to Dam in my tinnie.

D1 Knx to Molly Springs to Wx to Bindoola Ck
D2 to Durack River
D3 to Russ Ck
D4 to King Edward River, refuelling at Drysdale Station
D5 King Edward to McGowan Beaches north of Kalumburu
D6 McGowans
D7 McGowans
D8 to King Edward River or possibly Mitchell Falls
D8 Mitchell Falls
D9 Mitchell Falls
D10 Mitchell Falls
D11 To Drysdale Station
D12 to Hann River
D13 to Charnley Station via Barnett River Gorge and Manning Gorge
D14 to Silent Grove and Bell Gorge
D15 Silent Grove to Windjana Gorge
D16 Day trip to Tunnel Creek and camp back at Windjana Gorge
D17 To Willie Creek
D18 Broome during day back to Willie Creek
D19 to Cape Leveque and surrounds
D20 Cape Leveque and surrounds
D21 Cape Leveque to Fitzroy Crossing
D22 To Bungles
D23 Bungles
D24 Bungles
Day 25 back to Kununurra

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Knx to Knx
by: Birgit

Hi Chris,
Nice to hear from someone from Kununurra!
Love your itinerary. So relaxed, and so much time for camping off the beaten track. Should be a great trip.

I noticed that day 13 is a big day when compared to your overall pace. (It is a bit of a hike into Manning Gorge, and Barnett River Gorge also takes some time exploring to make it worthwhile.)

Usually I would not consider it a big day, it is only because all the other days allow so much time that it stood out.

Charnley River is lovely. Might be worth spending another night so you can have a look around...

Willie Creek is ok, but I think the beaches a bit further north are much nicer, especially Quandong. (It's of course a bit more to drive.)

I personally would also make an excursion to Prices Point. Might be our last chance to see it before they start destroying that whole stretch of coast for their idiotic gas plant idea.

If you prefer bush camping I'd stay at Gambanan not Kooljaman/Cape Leveque. Though the beach shelters at Kooljaman are of course lovely. A bit of a toss up between the two... Main season I'd definitely go to Gambanan, during the off season Kooljaman is great.

That's all I can think of. Looks really, really good to me.
If your mother is even a tiny little bit like my own mother, then she'll have the time of her life!

Thanks For your reply
by: Chris

Hi Brigit thanks for your prompt reply, i will take your advice and most likely stay at Charnley gorge another day and cut down a day at Mitchell falls. Overall thanks so much for your book it has been invaluale resource and it will acompany me on the Gibb trip along with the other books that you recommmended that i have purchased

Thanks so much, i can't wait to see the Kimberley although i live in the best part of it Knx

Cheers Chris

by: Birgit

Thanks for the kind words, Chris.

The good thing about your plan is that you are totally flexible. If you find you love it so much at the Mitchell Falls that you don't want to leave, you can always just stay on anyway...

There are so many lovely places between Kununurra and Broome, you can never see them all.

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