Mitchell Plateau 1970

by Geoff Duthie
(Auckland New Zealand)

Near the King Edward River

Near the King Edward River

I worked on the Mitchell Plateau in 1970 for AMAX Bauxite Corp for 6 months. Worked 6 days a week and on the 7th went to all the sights!

King Edward River crossing and nearby a large rock shaped like a mushroom with several rock paintings on it and onto what we thought was the road to Derby.

Mushroom shaped rock near King Edward River crossing

Mushroom shaped rock near King Edward River crossing

Other time down to Port Warrender for a boat ride to Malcolm Island then on further (about 15 minutes) to an area where there was large cave paintings some 6 metres long also some with the spaceman type headgear. Quite amazing.

Cave paintings mostly from across the water at Port Warrender

Cave paintings mostly from across the water at Port Warrender

I have been looking at all the photos I can find online for the Mitchell Falls and they look different to when I went to them... like no water.

Mitchell Falls... no water running at all

Mitchell Falls... no water running at all

One of my mates named Chris did high dive from a ledge into a pool... about 16.5 meters... spectacular.

The airstrip was developed that year to enable two Fokker Friendship planes to land as junket for WA politicians.

Our camp was at Camp Creek and 25 people lived in tents with a terrific kitchen.

Camp Mascott Percy

Percy, the camp mascott
(not too mobile because of a damaged foot)

Great party the night of the first rains of the new season.

These were simlpler days and some of our "activities" would definitely be frowned on today.
Cheers Kayone

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Jul 28, 2016
Simpler Days
by: Birgit

Thanks for sharing your memories and photos, Geoff!
I always love hearing about the simpler days way back when... :-)

Aug 18, 2016
to author
by: Dave Heath

I worked at the Station site Amec Corp, we were the poor relations to you mining blokes at the camp. Was good friends with Joe Smith at the camp '71/72. Cheers

Aug 18, 2016
Mitchell Station
by: Noel Brettoner

Hi Geoff & Birgit,

Great to see your old pics and read of your time there. I passed through the Kimberley Region mid-1981, following along with a couple of young guys who were big on serious fosicking/mineral/mining specimens. Turned off Gibb River Rd headed up towards the 'plateau' strip you mentioned. But turned west to navigate our way through 4 foot high grass on an almost-lost track; to the disused airstrip next to the Mitchell River (due south of 'your' strip). Stayed in abandoned demountable & next day headed north to rejoin the Mitchell Plateau strip road just south of the strip. Went to Surveyor's Pool where we headed away from where the elders were leading a research team, & discovered some very interesting ancient galleries.
Admiralty Gulf then a loop through outback cattle station/s & off to Kununurra & the NT :)

Dec 06, 2016
Kimberley Adventures
by: Stella Simpson

I had the privilege of living in this fabulous country on Mitchell River Station in 1972/1973. My husband Des and three young children Stuart, Andrew and Helen spent many wonderful hours exploring and discovering new areas on and around the station and on Mitchell Plateau often in the company of Joe Smith who worked for Amax Bauxite on the Plateau.
My two sons are taking me back in May next year for my 75th birthday. I can imagine that it might be a bit different!!!
If anyone has any knowledge of Joe Smith, Dave and Jan Tassell or Ron Johnson I would appreciate a contact number.

Dec 06, 2016
attention Stella Simpson. Re Mitchell Station.
by: Noel Brettoner

Hello Stella Simpson,

Could you please email me so that I can send you the only photo I have of my 1981 overnight stay beside the runway. I would also like to send you a Google Earth image looking straight down, to confirm the location & where the homestaed was?
Really looking forward to possibly chatting with you if that's ok. I've always remained fascinated in the place and would love to know something of its background/history, your recollections etc.

I don't often do this but here are my contact details:-
Noel Brettoner
Coffs Harbour NSW
"nbrettoner" on facebook. :)

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