One Arm Point (the orther arm is with the shark!)

by Mimostralia

Big fishes

Big fishes

If you go to One Arm Point, you'd rather check the water before going for a swim... otherwise one arm will be just what remains from you !!!

Comments for One Arm Point (the orther arm is with the shark!)

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by: Anonymous

Yes, those sharks are clever. They can hear the noise of the spear gun and will take your fish still on the spear. At low tide, go to the end of the boat ramp and click your spear gun. You will see your "friends" appearing from everywhere. enigma

Get Your facts right!!!
by: Anonymous

What a bunch of crap!! Having lived there for 3 years those lemon sharks are well known for being totally harmless. Jeez... even the local kids play with them (we did after we got off the boat after a day of brilliant fishing off Sunday Island). They are not ferocious at all and the dogs know it. For goodness sakes I wish these stupid tourists would stop making ridiculous comments because the only way to get their facts right is to live in these places before they make those stupid comments,and incidentally OAP (One Arm Point) is not remote it's only a couple of hours from Broome). I suggest people focus on the slaying of dugongs and turtles and undersized fish that we as white Australians are forbidden to catch, maybe the RSPCA should go up to these places and see what goes on - but then that wouldn't be allowed would it!!! that would be seen as racist or "the poor Aboriginals people have to eat". AGAIN I say get your facts right before you comment and please live in an Aborignal community (for at least 6mths)to really see what goes on before you comment and believe me you WILL change your mind. They are NOT hard done by!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy tourist
by: Mimostralia

...apparently some (anonymous) people don't make the difference bet humorous comments and facts...
I'm sorry for them if tourists are interrested in visiting "their" country but I'd suggest them to visit other countries and meet different people, that might open their mind ! (even if I have a doubt about this being possible...)

by: sharpy

Having been to one arm point from 1977 to present and have dived all through the islands and mainland in that time had no trouble with sharks except the odd fish gets stolen off the end of the spear gun some people see some sharks and expect the worst, lemon sharks ? I have also been in the water feeding those same sharks with turtle waste wake up before you trash a fantastic place to experience with great people.

Lemon sharks
by: Ex contractor

I for the most part agree with "Anonymous" ive worked in the community for 4yrs (based locally in Broome) Ive swum with the sharks and watched local dogs diving underwater for them. Then one day the footage went viral! A local mate jumped on a shark and dragged the bugger out by its tail, then let it go. It is a novelty for visitors but yes....the pillaging of turtle and dugong is a sad truth along with the turtle eggs.
We subsidise the fuel for power, transport for fuel, state of the art medical centre and you are "Charged" to enter the community to spend money!!! WTF

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