Our trip with a van down the Gibb

by Martin Butson
(Geelong Vic)

Just completed a Gibb River Road trip (July 09) with our van and the corrugations are the worst of it. We enjoyed all the river / creek crossings and had no problems at all.

We did our trip in a 80 series cruiser with standard main and sub tank (diesel) and pulled a Jurgen Explorer Offroad van, make sure it's a real offroad van and not just an elevated trailer axle. Main problems where dust and other road users. Most others where very good but some seemed to be hell bent on getting to the other end as quickly as they could, perhaps they didn't realise the journey is sometimes as important as the destination!!!

Besides being overtaken by the "metro set" we plodded along at mostly 55 -60km/h with some stretches enabling 70km/h and some down to 20km/h. THAT'S the secret, drive to the road surface conditions which change constantly. ALSO all the hills are now sealed! Enjoy, oh and let you tyre pressures down. I helped around 4 different people with "shredded" tyres only to discover they were running 35 - 40 PSI!!!!

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Secrets to enjoy the Gibb River Road
by: Birgit

Thank you very much, Martin, for sharing your experiences with towing a van on the Gibb, and also for reinforcing the most important points for all drivers: drop your tyres and drop your speed.
From your experiences it's obvious that we really can not mention this often enough!

vans on the gibb
by: dennis brine

We also travelled the gibb (including up to Drysdale staion)May & June this year. Just the most wonderfull place.
Our van is an Adventura (Adelaide made) with dual axle independent coil suspension & shockers on 6"chassis.(not a 'off road' van a such). we travelled at speeds of 10 to 80km with reduced tyre pressure & had absolutely no problems of any kind. Again, the same answer - sensible speeds & tyre pressures, but do not take sealed road type vans ( saw a number with constant problems)

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