Walking in the Bungle Bungles

by Brenda

Cathedral Gorge in the Bungle Bungles

Cathedral Gorge in the Bungle Bungles

The Bungles are unique. My sister-in-law and I were there at the beginning of October 2007. The walks through Echidna Chasm and Cathedral Dome were relatively easy going and the scenery was so unspoiled. The overnight camp was just ready to close due to the start of the wet season.

The temperature was well over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) and if you are not used to it, heatstroke is a major problem. My sister-in-law got very dizzy from the heat. Make sure you are fit and drink a lot of water.

Aerial view of a gorge in the Bungle Bungles
Echidna Chasm

I was fortunate enough to take the helicopter ride in the morning over the gorges that I had walked through the day before.

The view from the air gives you a wide panoramic view of Purnululu National Park, but the walks are wonderful too.

Only then can you sense the wonders of Echidna Chasm—the narrowness of the chasm and the smoothness of the rocks.

It was an experience I won't forget.

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You are very brave
by: Birgit

Hi Brenda, you and your sister-in-law are very brave to go hiking and camping in the Bungles in October! If they were ready to close the camps then you must have pretty much experienced the hottest days of the year there.

I'm glad the park still made such an impression on you, and I hope your sister managed to enjoy it, too. You did pick the best walks for that time of the year. Cathedral Gorge and Echidna Chasm offer the most shade and relief from the heat. Well, once you reach them, that is...

Thanks for the photos
by: Birgit

Thanks for sending in the additional pictures! They are great. I added them to your page.

Bungle Bungles
by: Anonymous

The Bungle Bungles were awesome, it's a real sight to see. It's almost like a painting it's so nice.

by: Memes

Thanks for the advice.

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