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  • If you have a question or problem regarding my free newsletter or one of my guide books, or have a problem with a purchase or download, please check the FAQ page first.
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  • For ANY Kimberley travel related questions please see this page.
    I am a guide book author, not a tourist information desk.
    (Ask yourself this: if you bought a guide book in a book store, would you also look for the author's contact information and expect them to assist you personally with your trip planning? Thanks for understanding.)

  • Questions regarding tours, accommodation, car hire and other questions of commercial nature: I am not a booking site nor a travel agent or affiliated with any travel agents. If you would like assistance and personalised advice regarding tours, accommodation, car hire etc. please contact one of the visitor centres.

  • For any business, JV or advertising enquiries...
    or if you want to provide feedback about my website or guide books...
    or if you just want to write to me personally, for whatever reason, please use the form below.

    (Note: a question about travelling in the Kimberley does not fall into this last category. If you want help with travel in the Kimberley please see this page. )

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