Gibb River Road in November

by Jack

Hi, I've read up about the Gibb River Road and have one big question. I'm desperate to travel the GRR but due to my time frame can only take it on in early to mid November. I understand that this is the beginning of the wet season and poses a few problems. I'll have to deal with the heat and humidity but my concern is that parts may be impassable and rivers uncrossable even with my 4x4. Obviously no one can predict the weather... and whether it will be possible or not. But from experience of previous wet seasons, is it likely to be possible (or even open!) at this time of year?

I've just downloaded the free pocket guide and it's a great read, answering virtually all the questions I had (and pretty much answering this question anyway) but I just wanted some advice as for me I'll do it in November or won't be able to at all.
Thanks, Jack

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Early wet season
by: Birgit

Hi Jack,
Glad the pocket guide proved useful! It's a bummer that November is your only option.

The only thing to add to what's in the pocket guide already is that this year's wet season is predicted to start earlier than usual:

BOM: Early rainfall onset likely for the tropical far north

So make sure you keep an eye on the forecasts if you decide to venture out there.
If you can't go all the way through you may be able to drive in part way from both sides (Kununurra and Derby), depending on how far the road is open.
Most attractions and the parks are closed that time of the year (which makes it a bit pointless to drive across anyway imho).

Kimberley in November
by: Frank

Hi Jack, Birgit,

I am visiting Australia whit my wife during November and December.
We are also aiming for the Kimberley from the second part of November.

I hope it will be still possible to drive whith the 4x4 from Kunnunura to Derby.

If the road is open, who now's one more visitor will be there :-)

Elly and Frank
From Holland

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