Kimberleys and Gibb River Road by Motorcycle

by Carla

My husband and I are thinking of riding from Darwin to Perth by motorcycle (BMW 1500 GS). Do you think the off road sections like the Gibbs Road will be achievable? We both have experience of gravel track riding. And what time scale would you suggest so we can fit in all the sights?? We are both pretty adventurous and love bush camping!!!

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Nov 28, 2009
Gibb River Road by motorbike
by: Birgit

Hi Carla,
To get an idea of what it would be like to ride the Gibb River Road, check out these videos.

You know better what you and your bikes are capable of than I do! Are you confident that you can cross the Pentecost on your bike? If yes, then you can do the rest as well PROVIDED you go later in the season to make sure the water levels in the rivers are down.

(It's impossible to predict when exactly that will be, might be by May already, could be as late as late June.)

If you want to figure out how much time to spend on the trip, read the free Kimberley guide. That's the best place to start and should answer that question.

Nov 16, 2010
GS 1200 on wet Gibb Road
by: mark e

I've done it on a GS 1200. Depending on the road it makes a big difference to your speed. 7 days is plenty of time for a basic trip. I needed to carry 15 l off spare fuel plus my 20 l tank.
The rivers are high. Modify your air box so water can't get in the oil and tape a 52mm tube to your air intake and bring it up under the handle bars. As GSs suck water at about 750 mm if its deeper than this don't go at all. A foam air filter is a must and a good tool kit to remove plugs ect if you do drown it.
PS.: If you do stop in deep water don't start it until you have taken out the plugs and then blow out the water. Have fun!

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