Mobile phone communication along Gibb River Road

by Tracy

Hi, we are travelling to the Kimberleys next week, including the Gibb River Road. Due to the illness of a family member I would like to know how good mobile coverage is along this stretch, including the gorge sites along the way. Are there many public phones available? If so I guess a phone card is the way to go. We would be happy to pay for a mobile that receives good coverage but don't know how good the coverage actually is. Hoping you can help, love this website!

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Jul 11, 2008
No mobile phone coverage on Gibb River Road
by: Birgit

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for the kind words :-).

Well, the Kimberley really is a huge wilderness region. There is NO mobile coverage anywhere, except right in the towns.

The roadhouses along the Gibb River Road have public phones, but there is nothing along the gorges. It's all just bush and wilderness. There is no power and there certainly are no phones or anything.

A phone card is indeed a good way to go if you are happy enough to rely on the roadhouses only as places to make phone calls.

But if frequent and reliable communication is really critical for you I suggest you hire a satellite phone for the trip.

Mar 15, 2017
Phone cards
by: Anne

Hi, was wondering if you need a particular phone card, or is there only one type, if so is it best to buy in Broome? Thanks, Anne

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