Permits for the Kimberleys

River Crossing on the Kalumburu Road

River Crossing on the Kalumburu Road

I know we need a permit to go to Kalumburu Reserve but some sources say we also need permits to access Cape Leveque and the Mitchell Plateau. What else do we need? Do you have any list of the places where we need permits?

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Only Kalumburu requires a permit
by: Birgit

Assuming you will stick to all the usual tourist destinations, you only need a permit for Kalumburu.

The only time you need permits is when entering Aboriginal Land on other than public roads, or for visiting some of the communities.

On the Dampier Peninsula you would need a special permission if you wanted to visit some of the little known communities on the eastern side, but Cape Leveque is a normal tourist resort. You don't need a permit there or at Middle Lagoon, the other popular beach resort.

The well known Aboriginal communities like Lombadina, Beagle Bay or One Arm Point charge a small entry fee, payable when you arrive.

If you do want to visit any other communities you should contact the Broome Visitor Centre to find out if and how you get permission.

The Mitchell Falls are in a national park. You don't need a permit to visit a national park. For some of the Kimberley national parks you do need a parks pass or pay an entry fee, but not for the Mitchell River National Park.

Both the free and the full guide book have a chapter that lists the parks that aren't free, the different passes available, and all the outlets where you can get a parks pass.

The full guide also tells you exactly where for any off the beaten track destinations you would need special permission from land owners, a permit, a parks pass, anything, together with details of how to get the permission. There is nothing else you need.

by: Birgit

The Mitchell River National Park now attracts an entry fee like the other Kimberley parks. The fee is covered with the parks pass.

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